My name is Tee.  

I like to draw things. You could say I’m a drawer. 🗄

I draw stories, zines, gifs, comics, posters, words, etc. 

Sometimes my drawings turn into zines, or comics, or an activity

On occasion, I also like to make films and other objects/gatherings.

Would you like me to draw you something? 

You can let me know at teekundu@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!

- Tee ✨

P.S. This website is still under construction! I periodically add things as I make sense of how to present my practice to folks. Thank you for your patience. 

Keywords: Drawing, Performance, Social Practice, Magic, DIY, Facilitation, Illustration, Zines, Crafts, Queer, Anxious, QPOC, Quirky, Cheeky, Manic Pixie, Bitter Sweet n Sour, Programming, Community.

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